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Chalice Well
©"Chalice Well"by Sheri Nakken

Mysterious Wales, England & Cornwall!

Tentative Itinerary for 12 Night Tour below

Day 1 AM Arrive at Manchester airport in England & travel to Betwys-Y-Coed, a lovely village in the mountains of North Wales, by mini-bus - arrive early afternoon. Introductions & Orientation. Rest & recover from jet-lag.

Day 2 Betwys-Y-Coed This morning we will begin to explore Celtic Myth & Practices & Welsh History. Explore this beautiful little mountain village - streams, waterfalls, tea and scones, walks and hikes. Waterloo Bridge, stone houses, Pont-y-Pair Bridge, and the magnificent The Fairy Glen with waterfalls. Afternoon visit, for fun (nothing sacred here) to Conwy Castle on the north coast. Conwy is an amazing town with incredible castle & town walls. The castle was built by King Edward I starting in 1283 and is one of the most magnificent in Wales (although built by the enemy of the Welsh). Also time for shopping & other sightseeing in Conwy.

Day 3 All day on Anglesey Island - the last stronghold of the Druids from the Romans. Incredible repository of ancient standing stone sites - Dolmens, chambered barrows, hut circles, beaches, bird sanctuary and walking. We will visit the sites listed as well as travel all the way to the tip, Holyhead.

Day 4 Continuing teachings in Celtic Myth & Practices & Welsh History. Free time in Betws-y-Coed for walking, relaxing, shopping, dipping in the river.

Day 5 - Travel through the middle of Wales. Today visit the Centre for Alternative Techology, Europe’s leading eco-centre to include a 2 hour specialist guided tour & free time on your own. The Centre has been in existance for 25 years and their key areas of work are renewable energy, environmental building, energy efficiency, organic growing and alternative sewage systems. At the Centre you can see ways of living and technologies - sewage systems, generators that obtain free power from the sun, rain and wind, and their buildings. Then travel on through Wales and overnight in the South of Wales or Glastonbury or overnight.

Day 6 Glastonbury. Introduction to all that is Glastonbury. Visit Chalice Well and experience the healing waters there. Opening ceremony at the Well. Glastonbury is the legendary Ancient Avalon. The legends surrounding Glastonbury have drawn visitors for centuries. It has long been the center of the legend of the Goddess, the Holy Grail, King Arthur & Guinevere and early Christian myths. It also is located on the powerful ley line (energy line) called the “Michael Line”. Also experience Glastonbury Abbey (legendary burial place of King Arthur & Guinevere & home to Joseph of Arimathea’s Holy Thorn tree), Chalice Well & Gardens (legendary hiding place of Holy Grail), the beautiful Tor (legendary Avalon), shopping, bookstores etc. This is definitely one of the centers of consciousness in Britain. There is a lot going on here with workshops, shops, holistic/metaphysical practitioners, etc. There are lots of shops with crystals, books, etc. This area has so much to do & see.

Day 7 Free Day in Glastonbury to visit sites we didn’t visit on Day 6 and return to places you especially loved. Time for shopping and exploring.

Day 8 - Travel to Tintagel, on a wild stretch of the Atlantic coast, is the legendary birthplace of King Arthur. The 13th-century ruins of Tintagel castle stand 300 feet above the sea on a rocky cliff. Overnight in Tintagel or St. Ives area.

Day 9 & 10 Visit St. Ives, the lovely seaside fishing village, famous for its sandy beaches and art colony. It is a village of narrow streets & quaint cottages with wonderful potters, weavers, artists & other craftspeople. We also will visit St. Michael's Mount - Mysterious mount that rises 250 feet from the sea - topped by a partially medieval, partially 17th-century castle - only reached by a causeway at low tide. This area is filled with Ancient Sites dating back at least 5000 years - hundreds of quartz-studdded granite standing stones, sacred wells, stone circles, chambered barrows & underground 'fogous' were erected during the following 3000 year period. We will visit Merry Maidens Stone Circle, Men An Tol, Lanyon Quoit, Holy Wells at Sancreed & Madron

Day 11 - Travel back to the east into England and to the Avebury & Stonehenge area Day 12 - Stonehenge - we are usually granted special permission to go alone within the center of the circle before or after hours and will do this if at all possible. We also will visit Avebury - the LARGEST stone circle in the world - the area includes Ancient Silbury Hill, West Kennett Long Barrow, Avebury & Alton-Barnes White Horse and visit any crop formations that may have appeared. This area is the center of the crop circle phenomena. We will explore the possible explanation and reason for these sites & have extra time to experience the energy of them.

Day 13 Trips ends - to London Heathrow airport.

Glastonbury Abbey
©"99 Group inside Stonehenge"by Sheri Nakken
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