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Kauai Waterfall
© "Kauai Waterfall"

Kauai: The Garden Island
of the Islands of Hawaii!

3 day tour of Kauai as optional extension following Big Island of Hawaii tour
Kauai dates - April 2011 (email for dates)
See Hawaii Tour for more details

(also can design private tours for your group -
large or small for longer periods on Kauai)

A very special place with incredible beaches and intense healing energies!

Costs: - See details on Main Hawaii tour page

For more detailed brochure earthmysteriestours@gmail.com, wwithin@nccn.net please indicate which tour you are requesting information on, in your email

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Kauai Beach
© "Kauai Beach" by Sheri Nakken
Visitors since January 22, 2000

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