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Rosslyn Chapel, Roslin, Scotland
©"Rosslyn Chapel, Roslin, Scotland"by Sheri Nakken

Who Are These Tours Designed For

Sheri Nakken, Director
©"Sheri Nakken, former R.N., MA, Homeopathy, Director ------------------------>>>>
These tours are designed for women as well as men; young or not so young; people interested in the mystery and sacredness of life, with a desire to know and understand more of where we've come from to assist us in where we are going and making a difference on the planet.

We also explore a lot of newly released information that you may not have heard before. These tours are for you if:

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We usually stay in comfortable Bed and Breakfasts or small tourist class hotels or chateaus in France - a wide variety of accommodations - depends on the tour. This allows us to have closer contact with local people & also allows us to keep the price of our tours low and make them more affordable for you so more of you can journey with us.

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We also are a travel agency and can book your flights from anywhere in the world often at great discount. We have access to unpublished, greatly discounted airfares. The cost of the flight is usually not included in the tour because people come from all over the U.S., Canada, and the World. This also allows those of you who have frequent flyer miles to use them to reduce your costs. Well Within then meets you at the airport or train station upon your arrival.

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Tax Deductible?

The cost of these workshops and tours may be tax deductible for nurses when there are CEU's offered in conjunction with them (all tours do not offer CEU's) and others in the United States who require continuing education contact hours as it is related to their work and career. Consult your tax preparer.

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Continuing Education Contact Hours for Nurses

If you are a nurse in the United States attending these workshops or tours, we are approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, BRN Provider #04327. A few of the tours ofter continuing education credit (not all). Each workshop or tour varies in the number of continuing education contact hours.

Programs open to everyone (not just nurses)

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Well Within Travel Agency

For tours as well as individual help unrelated to tours

We also are a Travel Agency and can ticket your flight for the tours and retreats.

Well Within also can provide you with any of your other individual travel needs unrelated to the tours. We are expert at finding low cost and unpublished airfares, car rentals, European Rail Passes and other travel needs. We are computerized and work directly with airlines as well as charters and consolidators/wholesalers.

Call or email us regarding your travel needs wwithin@nccn.net

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Custom-Designed Tours for Your Group

If you already have a group and would like a tour for your own private group similar to one of these listed (or anywhere), Sheri also can set up everything for your group. We can make all travel arrangements and set up everything for you. If you need teachers and workshops, that can be arranged also. We specialize in finding low discount airfares.

Call or email us regarding your travel needs wwithin@nccn.net

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Comments From Past Participants

"I told everyone how great the tour to England was. Sheri "knows her stuff" and plans terrific workshops" - Mary Mickinak, R.N., New Jersey (England Tour)

"Everytime I take one of your trips I learn new things that push me to a new level in my growth" - Dominique Rutteman, Malden, Massachusetts (England, Greece & Ireland Tours)

"The tours are relaxing and you have an opportunity to focus on yourself....while at the same time associating and interacting with people who are interested in healing of body, mind and spirit. You learn to respect our planet and the sightseeing is great - off the beaten path" - Corry Roarick, Walnut, California (Scotland & Greece Tours)

"It was an interesting blend of history, spirituality, interesting people, closeness and the beauty of the land" - Andrea Silk, Nevada City, California (England, Scotland & Greece Tours)

"Transformational! Well planned and researched. It touched me on so many levels - aesthetically, spiritually, emotionally, physically (wonderful food and hikes) - Totally!!! My life is changed - brought back on course, so to speak!" - Jodine Cognato, R.N., PhD, Petaluma, California (England, Scotland & Ireland Tours)

"Excellent chance to get in touch, wonderful surroundings, meet interesting and stimulating people, lots of good reading and listening materials - the conference was excellent" - Sandy Tackett, Reno, Nevada (Mendocino Weekend Wellness Retreat)

"Liked learning in small groups, feeling of closeness with other participants and teachers, knowledgeable teachers who were excited and passionate about their area of practice" - Susan Brown, Los Angeles (Mendocino Weekend Retreat)

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Who Are We?

About Well Within & Earth Mysteries & Sacred Site Tours

Well Within, since 1982, has sponsored and conducted exciting workshops, conferences, weekend retreats in holistic health and metaphysical concepts and incredible international tours (Earth Mysteries & Sacred Site Tours, since 1988) to mysterious and sacred sites as well as alternative healing centers. Well Within has conducted nearly 100 retreats throughout California and Colorado nearly 100 Sacred Site Tours, as of October 2010, to locations listed.

About Sheri Nakken, former R.N., MA, Homeopath, Director

Sheri Nakken, Director Sheri Nakken, former R.N., MA, Homeopath, is Director & Creator of Well Within and Earth Mysteries & Sacred Site Tours. She has a great passion for mythology, legend, ancient practices and ancient sites where clues are found as to why we are here on this planet and other realms that are present to assist us. She feels that by visiting these incredible sites, ancient memories and teachings can be tapped into consciously and unconsciously to assist us on our journey. Through these studies as well as alternative healing therapies and metaphysics, healing can occur for person and planet.

During the tours and retreats, Sheri, shares teachings from Mythology, Earth Mysteries, Ancient Sites, Celtic Teachings, Arthurian Legend, Ancient Cultural Practices, Latest Breakthrough Information Revising the View of History, History's Mysteries, Homeopathy, Complementary Healing Therapies, Living Your Vision, and much more (specific subjects vary from tour to tour). Also, sometimes, there are guest speakers/teachers.

Sheri started Well Within in 1982 and started the International Tours (Earth Mysteries & Sacred Site Tours in 1988). Each International Tour is led by Sheri personally.

Sheri is also very passionate about homeopathic medicine and also is a practicing Classical Homeopath, seeing patients in UK as well as video/phone cases in US and elsewhere..

Sheri also has a great love of music & was a DJ/Broadcaster on KVMR-FM, 89.5, 99.3 & 103.7 in Northern California, in the past, which she misses greatly. She did a variety of programming on KVMR from Earth Mysteries Shows, to Celtic Music Shows, to Folk Shows, to Public Affairs Programming on a variety of subjects. Although she is no longer there, you can still tune in to a great station over the internet live with streaming audio KVMR-FM.

Another important issue to Sheri is the issue of Vaccines & their dangers. We all know the pharmaceutical companies, CDC, government, FDA and medical communities' stand on this issue. There is another side to this issue. There are risks when getting vaccines. There is a separate webpage with some information on this issue and why you may not want to vaccinate

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