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Callanish Stone Circle

© "Standing Stones at Callanish" by Sheri Nakken

Enchanting Scotland!

Celtic Teachings & Sacred Sites

Tentative Itinerary, 2018

(Order of places we visit may vary depending on ferry schedules)

Day 1 Flight into Kirkwall airport on Mainland of Orkney (via London, Edinburgh or other - booked with your main flight if possible). Settle in with time for rest to recover from flights and then afternoon introductions and orientation and dinner. The Orkneys are a magical place. Overnight 4 nights here.

Day 2 - Morning introductory teachings on Scotland, Ancient Sites, History, Celt Worldview & Traditions. Afternoon visit to the mysterious Skara Brae, ancient village & Maes Howe, a chambered mound with alignments to midwinter sunset.

Day 3 Continue morning teachings on above subjects and then afternoon visits to the magnificent Ring of Brodgar & Standing Stones of Stenness.

Day 4 - Continue morning teachings. Afternoon visit to the town of Kirkwall with its ancient Earls Palace & Bishops Palace ruins as well St. Magnus Cathedral. There will time for shopping. Great shopping here from local artisans - jewelry with celtic and other design, sweaters & knitware, pottery & more.

Day 5 - Early morning ferry journey back to mainland of Scotland & travel south to Ullapool area for another ferry this afternoon, through a beautiful fjord-like area, to Isle of Lewis, with its incredible mysterious landscape. We will check in and visit the stones at the main Callanish site, on our way to our hotel. We will stay for 3 nights here in this area.

Day 6 - Continue morning teachings. We will spend time at the wonderful Standing Stones of Callanish - the main site as well as satellite sites nearby. Many hours spent here in the stones.

Day 7 - More time at Callanish stones and we will visit the re-created Pictish House and visit with Elizabeth who has spent many of her days in this house trying to feel & re-create what life might have been like for peopleís of this time period. Also visit Dun Carloway, one of the best preserved brochs, & other sites in this area if time.

Day 8 Travel to the Isle of Skye by ferry from Lewis. Overnight on Skye for 2 nights.

Day 9 - While here on the Isle of Skye, we will visit the Fairy Bridge, Fairy Glen, Dunvegan Castle with its famed fairy flag & visit a a local artistís shop of celtic/mythical/goddess paintings along the way.

Day 10 - Travel southeast from Skye into the highlands on the mainland of Scotland on the way to the area north of Fort William. Overnight in the Great Glen area near Ft. William for next 2 nights

Day 11 - Sightseeing in the Fort William area including time in a beautiful Glen with waterfalls and lovely stream and walks - Glen Nevis (weather permitting). Also time in Fort William and other sites nearby if time.

Day 12 - Today we will travel south through beautiful landscapes of the middle Highlands - sightseeing along the way, eventually ending up in Edinburgh area.

Day 13 - Today we will travel to Roslyn Chapel & Glen (S. of Edinburgh) - a wonderful chapel fully carved in stone & full of mystery and intrigue built in the 15th Century & connected with the mysterious Knights Templar. Teachings will be on the history of the Knights Templar and their mysteries & the intrigue of Rosslyn Chapel & Glen. I have been teaching a lot of the information for many years that has now come out in popular novel, The Da Vinci Code. Overnight in the Edinburgh airport area.

Day 14 - Trip ends. To airport & flight home or longer on own.

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© "Archaeology Dig - 99 Group Moving Standing Stone With Margaret & Ron Curtis" by Sheri Nakken

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