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Mystical Ireland!

Tentative Itinerary for 13 night tour

Day 1 AM Morning arrival in Shannon, in the west of Ireland & travel to Killarney in Co. Kerry - arrive early afternoon. Stop for brief lunch/snack in lovely Adare with thatched cottages. Arrive mid afternoon in Killarney with time for naps, walking the town, dinner. Beautiful Killarney is set in the mountains and on magnificent lakes & near the Paps of Anu (Goddess Danu). There are castles, waterfalls, wonderful shops, music in the pubs - nature abounds here in this ancient land of the Celts! Also often special musical events while we are here - I will find out! Overnight in Killarney next 7 nights at a lovely B&B or gueshouse.

Day 2 Morning introductions, orientation & beginning teachings of the world of the Celts including tree lore. Then visit to Torc Falls, magical Yew Groves at Muckross Estate, Muckross Gardens (incredible gardens with ancient trees, beautiful flowers, vast lawns, yew groves, bordering the lakes); and the Franciscan Friary - there will be time for walking along the lakes & in the National Park. this is SummerFest time in Killarney, so lots of music everynight as well as other things going on!

Day 3 Continue teachings this morning and then later morning trip south to the Beara Peninsula via Kenmare - brief lunch and freetime in Kenmare. Also visit various ancient sites on the Beara Peninsula - may include (depends on weather & what we have time for) Derrintaggart West Circle & Ardgroom Outward Stone Circle.

Day 4 Today we will take a wonderful jaunting horsecart journey into the magnificent Gap of Dunloe (a beautiful gap/valley in the mountains) to include a peaceful boat trip on the lakes which is an incredible experience not to be missed. Experience nature that so inspired the Celts - you may even have a glimpse or experience of Tir na ‘Og (the otherworld). (or optional free time on your own). Opportunity this evening to find music in Killarney in the pubs.

Day 5 - Travel into County Cork to Ballyvourney Monastic Site - St. Gobnait (female saint/goddess) revered here - famous for care of sick & patron of bees - sacred well, grave & Sheela na Gig. Free afternoon back in Killarney

Day 6 - Travel this afternoon to the Dingle Peninsula &; town of Dingle. The Dingle Peninsula is filled with incredible scenery as well as archaeological historic treasures - churches, forts, standing stones, cairns, & more. We will visit the 1200 year old little stone chapel, Gallarus Oratory as well as some other sites there including cafes and beaches (weather permitting). Dingle is a little harbor town with lots of shops - we will have time in the time at the end of the day. This is a land rich in Irish legend, especially the scene of the fateful battle between invading Milesians. The Tuatha De Danaan were then banished to the hollow hills and became the fairy folk. The western end of Dingle is Gaelic speaking.

Day 7 - Free day in Killarney

Day 8 - Travel north to County Clare, crossing the Shannon River by car ferry to County Clare and Doolin in the Burren area. Also visit Cliffs of Moher, after hours for sunset (weather permitting) & Brigits well nearby. Overnight in Doolin next 3 nights

Day 9 - Free day here in Doolin. Optional trip on your own, if desired (extra cost) to one of the Aran Islands (July tour only). Or take the day to walk the seashore path, visiting ancient sites scattered along the coast, shop a little, relax in the pub, or horseback ride. Also the opportunity while here to possibly hear Irish music in the pubs, live. Great spot! - Near the sea! (in the Burren) Easy walk to shops and pubs. Overnight in Doolin.

Day 10 - Travel through the Burren area of County Clare - a 200 square mile lunar-type landscape of grey limestone with its fantastic rocks, over 700 dolmans, forts & exotic wild flowers. We will visit the mysterious Poulnabrone Dolman. The Burren is a special place with its own distinctive personality.

Day 11 - Leave and travel to the east of Ireland. After arrival late afternoon visit to Hill of Tara, the most sacred place in Ireland for many millennia - an incredible site with mounds, sacred well, and mystery - famous Mound of the Hostages with remains of a young prince. Interesting connections with Egypt. Also new findings here in the last year. Overnight the next 3 nights in this area.

Day 12, 13 - Continuation of Celtic teachings & history's mysteries. While here we will visit Newgrange, an earth mound in the historic Boyne Valley, 36 feet high dating from about 2,500 B.C. The front of this incredible mound is covered with quartz crystals. This incredible mound contains an 60-foot long entrance hall, 20 feet high circular chamber, corbelled roof & many stones with spiral carvings on them. There are many other special features of this place. We also will visit Knowth, another earth mound surrounded by dozens of smaller mounds, still under excavation. There is a wonderful visitor center associated with these sites with museum & displays. During these days we will also visit Loughcrew. This is an amazing place & it is so special to be here, relatively alone in these incredible ancient cairns. Loughcrew is isolated, an ancient site with lots of cairns with spectacular carved stones high on hills with incredible views. Teachings on these ancient sites & their history.

Day 14 - Tour ends for flights home or optional time on your own in Dublin (can assist with details)

Musicians in Ireland
©"Musicians in Ireland"by Sheri Nakken
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