Celebrating 35 Years! Well Within's Earth Mysteries & Sacred Site Tours presents.... (34 years of conducting retreats, conferences & tours - not many sacred site tour companies out there that have been in existence for 34 years!)


Mysteries of France!
Mary Magdalene, Cathars, Knights Templar,
Holy Grail Mystery, Rennes-le-Chateau Mystery, Mediterranean, Pyrenees,
Spa Hotel in breathtaking gorge, Walled Cities

May 22 - June 4, 2017 (12 nights)

(also can participate for only first 7 nights of the tour at discount cost if only want the first portion - leaving on Day 8 from Toulouse)


Tours open to anyone from any country
And other dates possible too - private tours at other times also possible for 3 or more people.

Journey with us to Mysterious France - Land of the Cathars, Mary Magdalene, The Templars, Rennes-le-Chateau and much more. Visit ancient sites, chateaus, medieval castles, ancient caves, subterranean rivers and caves, mountains, the Mediterranean Sea, the Pyrenees, spas & spring water, Gothic Cathedrals, Romanesque churches, Abbys, Black Madonnas, walled cities and sites of great mystery!

Languedoc is one of the most varied areas in France. Towering mountains, deep gorges, forests & caves, wild remote plateaus as well as the Mediterranean Sea. This predominately rural area also has a very rich history - castles, cathedrals, museums and so much more. The area is also rich in a variety of vineyards and wines. Mountains frame both ends of the region - the Cevennes in the northeast & the Pyrenees in the south. Jagged ridges, deep river canyons and rocky limestone plateau (with vast caves beneath) make it one of the most scenic.

Another main feature of this area is the havoc caused by religious and political conflicts over the centuries. The ruined castles which cling precariously to hilltops played a leading role in the struggles between Cathars & Catholics at the beginning of the 13th century. Others guarded the volatile border with Spain. Whole communities were wiped out during the merciless campaigns to rid the area of the Cathar ‘heretics’ and later when Protestants fought for religious freedom.

Also the area is rich in mystery - Rennes-le-Chateau, Knights Templar and possible treasure, the Holy Grail mystery, leylines and geometric alignments on the land, Nazi treasure hunters, and so much more.

Also visit, in the optional extension, other areas on the Mediterranean, Spa Hotel, Walled Cities & more. Time to relax and enjoy.

Land of the Cathars (Days 1 - 8) - Languedoc - Land of Mystery

  • Knights Templar and the Holy Grail - the history of the Knights Templar, their persecution & the mystery of buried treasure

  • Magdalen Mystery - the bloodline of Christ & Mary Magdalene & stories surrounding

  • Cathars(Albigensians) and the Inquistion

  • Rennes-Le-Chateau - a mysterious land - high on a hilltop above the Aude Valley
    • The Church, Tower (Tour Magdala), Museum, Sauniere's Domain, the Grand Villa Bethania
    • Buried Treasure? Supernatural Powers? Codes on Parchments and Ancient Tombstones?
    • Clues concealed in statues & paintings, immense wealth, secret societies

  • Incredible Cathar Castles high on rocky perches
    • Montsegur Castle - the most incredible Cathar Castle there is - ruined castle on 1000 foot crag. This castle provided refuge for over 200 Cathars in 1244 during the Albigensian Crusade until they were martyred on a burning pyre after they descended. Speculation has contined as to whether Cathar treasure is hidden on the site!
    • Chateau de Peyreperteuse - one of the least-ruined castles of the area built high on a rocky crest in the 12th-century. The ruins are spread along a 900-1000 foot long ridge - hike to this castle or view form a distance; more
    • Chateau de Queribus - a very impressive site perched on a rocky crag 2200 feet high above the village. This site was first recorded in 1020 and was a Cathar stronghold in the 13th century and was the last refuge - view from a distance only
    • Puilaurens Castle - hike to this castle or view from a distance; more

  • Carcassonne - La Cite - incredible medieval walled city built on a high crag; more; even more
    • Basilique St-Nazaire - outstanding 14th- to 15th-century stained glass including 2 beautiful rose windows
    • Chateau Comtal (on your own) - 12th century

  • Alet les Bains - spa town in the Corbieres Hills on the River Aude with wonderful drinking water. Nostradamus recommended the water here. Also a Benedictine Abbey

  • Foix - passing through this town and viewing Chateau des Comtes de Foix high on a rock in the Center (view from a distance)

  • Black Madonna at Notre Dame des Marceille (tentative - she was defaced and hopefully she is repaired)

  • Incredible Grotte de Niaux Cave - incredible cave with ancient cave paintings - extensive galleries have been excavated in this network of caves halfway up a steep rocky hillside south of Tarascon-sur-Airege. The well-preserved prehistoric paintings in them are the best of all those discovered so far in 23 caves in the area. Dating from paleolithic times, around 12,000 BC, they depict mainly animals - bison, ibex, deer & horses - all neatly outlined in black and red. Visitors restricted to 200 persons per day

  • Gorge of Galamus: more

  • Partial Tour Option - Participate in the tour for the first 7 nights ONLY, if you desire. You would take train from Carcassonne to Toulouse and stay overnight near Toulouse airport on the 7th night for trip home or elsewhere on Day 8. Price shown below

Pyrenees, Mediterranean, Spa Hotel, Walled City & more (Days 8 - 12)
  • The Pyrenees - mountain range that stretches for 270 miles from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, separating France from Spain. This mountain range is said to be named after Pyrene, a beautiful young girl who fell in love with Hercules

  • Molitg les Bains - in the beautiful Castallane river gorge with waterfalls and lake, spa, ancient sites, wonderful vistas & walks, swimming pool and optional spa session; Le Grand Hotel Molitg (where we stay); more here

  • Collioure, gem of the Roussillon Coast - lovely village & charming port on the Mediterranean Sea that has been a magnet for artists since the early 1900's
    • Time for walking, swimming, visiting castle (Chateau Royal built by the Knights Templar in the 13th century), church & shopping

  • Villefranche-de-Conflent - wonderful medieval walled city in foothills of the Pyrenees;

  • An elegant spa in the Pyrenees - Molitg les Bains:

  • Shopping in local villages and from local artists and markets

  • Last night near Toulouse airport

  • Tour Conducted by Sheri Nakken, Director

  • Special Teachings in:
    • Mysteries of the Cathars, the Knights Templar & area
    • Magdalen Mystery, Black Madonnas & Bloodline of Christ
    • The Sacred Feminine
    • Mysteries of Rennes-le-Chateau
    • During the tour we will explore the history of each site visited

    Tentative Itinerary


    Full Tour Cost: Main tour - Starting at $3695 USD (other currencies can be calculated) + airfare extra and medical/accident/medical evacuation insurance extra. Price is for twin or triple occupancy. Single supplement possible - $995 USD; For 7 night tour, only, - $2795 for twin or triple occupancy; Single occupancy - $450

    Price for main tour includes accommodations; continental breakfasts; admission to sites listed; Dinner at Chateau de Cavanac (or similar - 1 night); transportation to/from airport & around the area in 9 passenger mini-buses or cars; teachings as above.

    Price does not include: Airfare, personal items, passports, visas (for non-Americans), medical/accident/medical evacuation insurance for non-Europeans, lunches & dinners (except as noted above) not included (food is very INexpensive in this area of France).

    Partial Tour Option (1st 7 nights of above tour ONLY) - Cost starting at $2795 USD + airfare extra and medical/accident/medical evacuation insurance extra. Price is for twin occupancy. Single supplement possible - $450 USD.

    Participate in the tour for the first 7 nights ONLY, if you desire, staying overnight near Toulouse airport on the 7th night for trip home or elsewhere on Day 8. Price shown on registration form. Price includes accommodations based on twin/double occupancy for 7 nights; continental breakfasts; admission to sites listed; one (1) dinner at Chateau de Cavanac or similar; transportation from Toulouse airport area on day of arrival & to train station in Carcassonne afternoon of Day 7; & around the area in 9 passenger mini-buses or cars; teachings as noted. (all above depend on sites being open & not on strike). Deposit & Payments and Cancellation & Refund Policy remain the same.

    For flights, I am a travel agent and can easily assist you with flight reservations and good prices

    Cathar Castle - Montsegur
    Montsegur Castle

    Who Are These Tours Designed For?

    These tours are designed for women as well as men; young or not so young; people interested in the mystery and sacredness of life, with a desire to know and understand more of where we've come from to assist us in where we are going and making a difference on the planet. We also explore a lot of newly discovered/released information that you may not have heard before. If you have a curiosity about mythology, sacred sites, other cultures, and a sense of adventure and want to travel with like-minded people in small intimate groups with a nice balance of workshop time, site time as well as free, independent time, these tours are designed for you. They are not your ordinary, large group tours, being herded into buses with little time to experience the energy of the site. We allow special extra time at sacred sites and there is always the option of being with the group or being on your own. Also, meals are usually not included, except breakfasts to afford you the opportunity to explore on your own at meal time or eat with the group.

    We want your tour to be a trip of a lifetime, a transformative adventure

    Flights & Travel Arrangements
    Well Within is a travel agency & all flights and travel arrangements can be made with us. We have access to non-published discount fares to France from most locations in the U.S./Canada/World

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