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VACCINES AND THEIR SOURCE CELL LINES (From the Physicians Desk Reference 49ED. (Medical Economics: Montvalle, NJ, 1995)

BIAVAX (binary vaccine) (Rubella & Mumps): WI-38 (fetal cell line) uses RA 27/3 virus derived from fetus for the Rubella part of the vaccine. MURUVAX: WI-38 (fetal cell line) uses RA 27/3 virus derived from fetus

MUMPS: uses chick embryo cell line

POLIO: uses bacterial culture

HEMAPHILLUS B: uses bacterial culture

PERTUSSIS: uses bacterial culture

TETANUS: uses bacterial culture

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From Dr. Mendelsohn........."The sterility issue with the Mumps comes up often but after doing some research on it this is whatI found: Mendelsohn says that orchitis rarely causes sterility and when it does, because only one testicle is usually affected, the sperm production capacity of the unaffected testicle could repopulate the world! About 1 out of every 4 adolescent or adult men who have mumps may experience painful swelling of the testicles. Men who have mumps after puberty can develop swelling of one (rarely of both) testes. These symptoms usually go away in 1-2 weeks. Sterility is very rare after a testicluar infection even if both testes are involved."

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Homeopathic Treatment for Mumps

Homeopathic Treatment for Mumps

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