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Ingredients in Vaccines

Package inserts for each vaccine telling what is in it

2-PE - used as replacedment for Mercury in vaccine

2-phenoxyethanol is Ethylene glycol monophenyl ether, more

What's In a Vaccine? by Shauna Wood, 2000 - what has changed is SOME of the thimerosal/mercury has been removed or decreased - but old stocks are still being used up

The Use Of Processed Free Glutamic Acid (MSG) In Vaccines by Jack L. Samuels

. Current list of vaccines using bovine-derived materials from countries on the USDA's BSE list or from unknown countries

Condensed list of safety and sterile violations cited by the FDA against Merck

Aluminum in vaccines

From Don Harkins by email
Subject: Some of the ingredients in vaccines.html

The Vaccination Debate
These are just some of the ingredients used to make a vaccine

* Ethylene glycol (antifreeze).
* Phenol also known as carbolic acid (this is used as a disinfectant , dye).
* Formaldehyde a known cancer causing agent.
* Aluminum which is associated with Alzheimers disease and seizures also cancer producing in laboratory mice (it is used as an additive to promote antibody response ).
* Thimerosal ( used as a mercury disinfectant/ perservative) can result in brain injury and autoimmune disease.
* Neomycin , Streptomycin ( used as antibiotic) have caused allergic reaction in some people.
These vaccines are also grown and strained thru animal or human tissue like monkey kidney tissue , chicken embryo, embryonic guinea pig cells, calf serum, human diploid cells ( the dissected organs of aborted human fetuses as in the case of rubella, hepatitis A, and chickenpox vaccines)

The problem with animal cells is that during serial passage of the virus thru the animal cells, is that animal RNA and DNA can be transferred from one host to another and undetected animal viruses may slip past quality control testing procedures as in 1955 thru 1961 withSV40 which stands for simian virus#40 (meaning the 40th virus found) which has oncogenic properties (cancer causing)

What other viruses could be slipping by that we don't know of?

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