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Hepatitis A Vaccine

From the Merck Manual, vaccine manufacturer itself: (so, WHY do we even need this vaccine??----it has to reasonably be more than just money. Is it just because we CAN?)

Hepatitis A spreads primarily by fecal-oral contact; blood and secretions may also be infectious. Fecal shedding of the virus occurs during the incubation period and usually ceases a few days after symptoms begin; thus, infectivity often has already ceased when hepatitis A is diagnosed. Waterborne and foodborne epidemics occur, especially in underdeveloped countries. Eating contaminated raw shellfish is sometimes responsible. Sporadic cases are also common, usually as a result of person-to-person contact. Most infections are subclinical or unrecognized, and population surveys of anti-HA have revealed remarkably widespread exposure that varies with age, socioeconomic class, geography, and other factors. In some countries, > 75% of adults have been exposed.

Hepatitis usually resolves spontaneously after 4 to 8 wk. A favorable prognosis is less certain in Hepatitis B than in Hepatitis A infection, especially in the elderly and after transfusion, when mortality (for HepA)may reach 10 to 15%. Except for rare fulminant cases, hepatitis A invariably resolves, although early recrudescences occasionally occur; progressive chronic disease or cirrhosis does not develop.

Thoughts from an NVIC state leader....

I learned quite a bit about hepatitis A from reading the ACIP recommendation for hepatitis A vaccine --

I already knew that 70% of kids who get hepatitis A are asymptomatic, but I didn't realize that concentrations of antibody by vaccination are 10 to 100 fold lower than those produced after natural infection. The diagnostic assays to measure lower levels of antibody had not been reviewed by the FDA as of 10 - 99 when this report was published. The absolute lower limit of antibody required to prevent HAV has not been defined.

The ACIP paper also said that: infants with passively acquired maternal antibody have reduced GMC's (geometric mean antibody concentrations) after vaccination.

This paper also states: Several studies are being conducted among infants and young children to evaluate whether simultaneous administration of hepatitis A with other vaccines affects the immunogenicity and reactogenicity of these vaccines.

This means that the recommendation came out before the studies were done!!!

Anyone in a state or county that is considering mandating hepatitis A should read this.

Cindy, Colorado

Hepatitis A is attenuated on aborted fetal tissue

Hepatitis A info

Havrix Vaccine Package Insert Propagated on Aborted Fetal Tissue (MRC-5 human diploid cells) - No matter what your thoughts or concerns about abortion are, the issue here is also cell line contamination from human cells - human RNA & DNA. There is MUCH danger in using animal cell lines as we know (animal viruses, DNA, RNA - we have talked some about those). THEY are aware of that danger but do it anyway, but also chose to go toward human cell lines due to the animal cell line problems. There is a problem with having aborted human fetal tissue in vaccines besides the abortion issue. The problem is like the animal tissue in vaccines, we don't know the effect they have on human DNA. No independent, long-term research. In other words, our children are being experimented on when it comes to vaccine safety.; more info on aborted fetal tissue and vaccines
Also contains aluminum - (dangers of aluminum ) and polysorbate 20

Search VAERS database for reports of injury from hepatitis a vaccine click on Search the VAERS database
go down in the chart to Vaccine and find HEPA and click on that

Side Effects of the Hepatitis A Vaccine "In my opinion, the Hepatitis A vaccine isn’t necessary. Hepatitis A is a self-limiting disease that presents as diarrhea or food poisoning. Here’s what it says about the vaccine in the textbook, “Vaccines” by Stan Plotkin, MD, longtime pro-vaccine advocate."

Hepatitis A – Creating a Market for Another Superfluous Vaccine

The Fallacy of the Hepatitis A Vaccine

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