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You get your minerals from the food you eat, not from your water. Most of the minerals in water are not absorbable. Water is what you need to take the minerals from your food into the cell. Then after the minerals are 'dropped off', toxics are removed by that same water. If the water already contains non-usuable minerals, it cannot take on and transport usable minerals from food and also cannot take on toxins to remove or has to leave behind unusable minerals to do so.

Distilled water is high energy water. Natural sources of distilled water are rainwater and glacier water - too polluted to use today.


Distilled Water - Does Distilled Water Leach Minerals from the Human Body? No, in fact, just the opposite has been found to occur in cellular research studies. It is a mistaken belief that drinking pure distilled water reduces valuable minerals from living human tissues.

The Myth about Distilled Water - Blowing The Lid Off Distilled Water Myths By: Joe Letorney, Jr. (CWS-V)

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Facts About Steam Distilled Water

WHY DISTILLED WATER? (don't have original link or author for this)

The body is the sum of its parts. Those parts in their simplest form are the basic building blocks we call minerals – congealed light energy. Minerals are tiny electrical generators. As they interact, building and bonding, with other minerals they become part of the electro-magnetic plating of the human organism. This building process toward wellness is one of increasing electro-magnetism resulting in increasing Reserve Mineral Energy (vital force) or maintaining high Reserve Mineral Energy.

If mineral energy is lost out of basic molecular structure or is not supplied, the line of resistance will be altered at that point. Resistance = energy. If this happens, the electrical flow is altered. When the electric flow is altered, the magnetism will also be altered. Hence, as magnetism is changed, the mineral plating will be affected. This is where the build up of reserve mineral energy is interfered with, high

level wellness is reduced and the person will be annoyed with greater and greater number of symptoms. Energy is produced by resistance. Resistance is a term used to refer to the friction of reaction. In other words when two elements come together (i.e. Hydrogen & Oxygen) they are not moving at the same energy levels. They have different units of energy. In order for them to interact and combine, each must go through a synchronization process which will allow each to give off enough energy so they can co-ordinate their electromagnetic fields to bond into a new molecular arrangement (i.e. H2O). The synchronization of Hydrogen and Oxygen gives off a tremendous amount of energy.

Energy potentials can be divided into units called anions and cations. These Millhouse units have specific values 1-999. When discussing frequency we refer to the atomic weight of an element to determine its energy ratio. By taking a ratio and knowing whether it be anionic or cationic we are able to calculate the average energy value for an atom of any substance. Incidentally, the average energy value of water, if one were to consider the water at a high energy it would become a “heavy water.” By the same token if one were to take the opposite extreme or low energy values for anions and cations the water molecule would have low energy. This is called “light water.” Heavy water is wet water and light water is dry water. A practical example of “Light” water is hard water. The mineral in hard water has taken the energy away from the water molecule in order for it to be carried in the water molecule. “Wet” water would be soft, low in mineral, high in energy, and heavy. Steam distillation of water makes “wet - soft” water because it adds energy. This is what makes it catalyze energy reactions in the human system so well. Distilled water is shown to be more important than ever in playing a vital part in controlling conductance and other electrical phenomena in the human body.

The highest energy water comes from the steam distillation process. No other type of water is able to carry mineral into the system as easily as steam-distilled water. Distilled water in the human, enhances the movement of mineral into the liver. And because the liver has to put water, like all types of food energy, on the body’s frequency, it is much easier to convert high-energy water than low energy water. There are only two sources of natural distilled water. One is rainwater, but it is too polluted to use today. The other source is glacier water – this is the water consumed by the Hunza people of the Himalayas who are noted for their long life span.

There is an ever-increasing popularity and use of mineral waters. The dangers of water with a high mineral content are being totally ignored. Why should the mineral waters containing minerals, which are essential for human health, be damaging for the body chemistry? To understand the harmful effect of mineral water is to understand cytology, or the cells structure and function. The elements of the mineral kingdom cannot be assimilated directly by the animal cell. They must go through a process of linking with amino acids first. Found in the plant kingdom is the link for getting mineral into human life the most efficiently. The plants can take in mineral directly. Once in the plant, the minerals become a part of the cell structure after going through a recombining process in the energy cycles of the plant (photosynthesis). These energy cycles convert the mineral into a chelated form. The mineral ends up linked with amino acid complexes in the plants structural tissue. When man eats the plant, the mineral complexes in the plant amino acids can then be easily converted by human enzyme activity into molecular structures on the human frequency.

Drinking water, containing a large amount of inorganic mineral (i.e. spring water, purified water) whether hard or soft, can be compared to doing your dishes in dirty water. If the water comes in already loaded up, it will not be able to take the debris and waste out of the system without first leaving behind what it brought in. These inorganic minerals are deposited in the body and add to the overloading of electrolytes that the body has to remove and also increase mineral & heavy metal deposits that develop weakened tissue and/or areas of poor circulation and chronic inflammation. On the other end of the spectrum we find deionized water - water that is stripped of its minerals and electrical potential. Do not purchase deionized water for drinking – it is sold labeled “purified water.” Deionized water is not for consumption within the human body. It is a pure water, and is ok for your steam iron, however, deionized water will pull usable minerals out of your body over a period of time. It is called by some a “hungry water.”[1]

The use of distilled water is preferred, not because of the lack of mineral so much as, because of the higher energy. Distilled water moves through the system and especially the liver better than low energy water. Since your body is 60-80 % water, water is the chief catalyst and medium for all the energy reactions that take place. Using the higher energy wet, distilled water will help assure that all the body’s metabolic environment is at its best hydration. According to French Hydrologist, Vincent, “the lesser the microwatt potential in the drinking water the better.”[2] What creates the microwatts in water is inorganic mineral? Of course, distilled water fits the criteria of low mineral, low microwatt, plus it is low surface tension, high energy and wetter water.

The three primary substances needed for life are:
1. Water
2. Oxygen
3. Calcium

Water is needed first by the liver; it is best that it be a high-energy water as previously discussed. The body is approximately 75% water. In fact, the body operates under a water vapor or steam pressure. Without the proper water, enzyme structure and energy reactions will be interfered with. In a recent article about the vibrations of the DNA, author Stefi Weisburd cites research showing how DNA changes its configurations depending on the environment it is in…

“changes in the environment of DNA such as temperature, acidity, salt level and water content can drive transformations between DNA structures…When the mode softens, the amplitude of vibrations grows so large that the original structure is destabilized and the molecule is driven into a new geometry.” [3]

Keep this information in mind. It will help you understand how a change in the body chemistry, as reflected in the equation, is an energy loss that distorts frequency and micronage. Such changes interfere with proper form, function and maintenance of the DNA as well as the cells themselves. The importance of water is paramount, but as crucial is providing the proper type of water in proper proportions within the proper time frame. There are a number of waters available for purchase in the supermarkets. Of these only one assures that all the body’s metabolic environment is at its best hydration, and that is distilled water.

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